Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nick Nolte

Please allow me a few moments to rant about something that drives me entirely crazy.
People who constantly point out the obvious. For example:
Oh wow, you wore your hair curly today.
Looks like we have some big trucks in the parking lot.
You're eating a cookie.
You're tall today, you're wearing heels.
The sky is cloudy. 
Lord, please grant me patience to smile and nod.

I've recently stumbled on a new blog. The blogger is out of California. She's tall, skinny, blonde, a model, eats a balance diet, teaches pilates...ya know...everything you really want to hate a girl for.  

Anyways, she did a blog post about her hair...which is long and pretty and very California. She told the readers that she very rarely washes her hair, only uses dry shampoo. She also applies coconut oil to her hair about 2xs a month. And when she does wash it, she hardly ever blows it dry because the heat damages it....

Yeah. Right. 

I would straight up look like Nick Nolte.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

As promised, I'd like to introduce you to a total hair game-changer.
Well, wait, I think I need to take a step back and explain exactly why I made this purchase.  

Because I wanted to look like this, duh.

Because I've been so cheap lately (lately, HA who am I kidding) I haven't gotten a haircut in a long long time. I even made my husband assist in coloring my hair. My locks aren't nearly as long as Gretchen's but, hey, a girl has every right to be delusional. I needed something to give my hair some extra vavavoom and I love the look of soft waves.

Now that we have that covered, I shall move on. 

Behold: The Wave Wand

 T|Studio Large Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling Elliptical Wand  
 I love. It's easy to use. It comes with a glove so you don't burn the heck outta your fingers. (I did burn my ear though, like, bad.)
You simple grab sections of your hair and wrap it around the wand. You'll end up looking a little like Shirley Temple...but then you shake it out. I even brush through it a little. I HIGHLY recommend this if you have long hair. Mine is even a tad bit short. 
Buy it, it's good.

via gchat:

annie:  wanna come do a 5k in march?
me:  oh hell no. i will eat 5 donuts with you in march
annie:  3 miles come on 
me:  will someone be chasing me with rags of snot bc thats the only way I'll run. 
annie:  yep its rugged maniac
me:  i think you have to, like, actually train for that!!!
annie:  no u dont
me:  you do! and there's mud!
hell to the no. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

This is Friday morning.
After $2 pints at Natty's.
After drinks at a charity auction.
After a glass of wine at mi casa.
And after a stellar performance of Spice Girls "Wannabe" karaoke at a dumpy bar.

(Ok, ok, the karaoke performance was a little less than stellar but I blame it entirely on a stupid song choice. How could we have forgotten about Ace Of Base?? Duh)