Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Birthdays and more mac and cheese!

It's May 1st and our one year anniversary is only 20 days away. Plans are still in the works, however, we know that dinner at Fleming's, champagne and stale wedding cake are on the agenda! Aside from spending some QT with Mark (and Fleming's Chipotle Cheddar 953.6 Calories-Per-Serving Mac and Cheese) I'm extra excited about using our wedding flutes! 

We all know how I feel about this cheesy gift from God.

Our Anthro flutes that have only been used once.

My sister has been looking forward to this coming Friday for MONTHS now. Actually, I think she's been looking forward to it for about 2 years. Annie (my sister) has been in grad school studying for her Masters in Elementary Education. Before she decided to go back to school, and after graduating ECU with a degree in Communication, she was a glorified chiropractor and a steel mill worker. I'm not going to explain because leaving you to ponder these jobs is way funnier. Anyways, while working at the mill, she met her husband. They just recently married on a beach in Charleston AND are in the process of planning another wedding for 2013. (Again, I'm not explaining.) While in grad school, she lived with our parents in Greensboro. Now she's pretty much settled in with her hubby and pup (Hammer) in their new townhouse in Charleston. On Friday she will become a MASTER (she graduates) AND it's her BIRTHDAY!! I'm excited to do some celebratin' this weekend. My sweet grandparents are even coming all the way down from Ohio to join in on all the fun! 

Happy early birthday, Annie van Graan, future educator of the youth of our nation!

I've been waiting a long time to pull this out of the vault of shame.

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