Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hot in Cleveland

Me - "Man, I'm so excited for our trip, this time next week we'll be in California!"
Co-worker - "Oh yeah! Don't you need a passport?"
Me - "California?"

This is the same lady who told me that her mom never let her eat chocolate when she was growing up because she was a vegetarian. No lie.

I've been MIA. Sorry bout it. This past long weekend was spent in Cleveland, Ohio. My mom and I hosted a fun little bridal shower for my sister at my grandma's house.

On the Friday night we arrived after and long and shitty drive, Annie and I headed downtown with our cousins to try our luck at the new casino. The casino was pretty nice. I think it's owned by Caesars. It was nicer than the casino Mark and I played in at Atlantic City but in no way as impressive as casinos in Vegas. Oh, and side note, they DO NOT give you free drinks if you gamble like all other casinos in the entire world! Fun for a Friday night with the cousins though! My cousin, Ben, sat down at the penny slot machine and won $100 in less than 30 minutes. Annie and I were pretty much bar flies while they gambled. 

After collecting his winnings, we dragged them around to a few more bars before turning in for the night. 

Saturday afternoon was Annie's bridal shower. We had such a good time reconnecting with long lost family. After all the presents were open and we had our fill of champagne punch, we decided to head downtown for a little more fun. We started at the Chocolate Bar where the chocolate martinis were thick, creamy and delicious. The building its in is also really beautiful, The Arcade. It was the world's first indoor shopping mall. There was a wedding reception going on in there and Annie and I were plotting ways to get to the open bar...

After a few creamy concoctions, we decided to skip across the street to The Corner Alley for some cocktails and bowling. There were about 10 of us so they escorted us into the VIP area...we're ballers at the bowing alley. Pun intended. $5 vodka tonics, sold.

(Ignore the bad hair, I told you I was growing my bangs out for a reason!)

After we had our fill of bowling, we made our way back to our grandparents house, sorta. We made a slight detour at some dive bar near their house for $2.00 pints, cheese sticks and FRIED PEROGIES! Freakin.DEEP.fried. My life is now forever changed. 
These little puppies are way crispier and crunchier that I've ever experienced.
 So, now I'm back home and thinking about our upcoming trip to California. We leave this coming Monday and I'm stoked. Now if only I could find my passport...

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