Friday, July 13, 2012

Mark and I have been on the hunt for a desk (and chair and lamp and bookshelf and couch and rug and patio furniture and grill and bathroom get the idea) for a while now. Since our photography business has taken off, we are in dire need of a workspace and it's jumped to the front of the "list of priorities."

Our house is small. We only have 2 bedrooms. One is ours and the other is being reserved for "something else that will go in there one day," as Mark puts it. (Nursery)

We toyed with the idea of creating an office/dining area. After giving it some thought...I wasn't so keen on the idea of looking at a printer and iMac while enjoying a candlelight dinner. So, the office gets a temporary home in the future nursery.

Anywho....last night we drove to Ikea in Charlotte (because we cant seem to ever sit still)  and picked a few things out. Here's what we came back with:

On the drive home, Mark informed me that Spike (the houseplant) was his favorite purchase!

Now who's ready to put it all together!! :)
(Did I mention Mark and I got into our first argument even while putting together an entire Ikea bedroom suite?)

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  1. My bedroom set is entirely ikea, we love that place!! My husband and I got into a huge argument when one of the dressers was somehow inside out. Now he defers to my instruction reading skills!