Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Surrounded by stupid

lady: I'm really sad today.
me: Oh, no! Why??
lady: Well, because my dog's dying.
me: Man, that's so sad. I'm sorry to hear that. What's going on.
lady: Well, her liver is shutting down so we're going to have to put her down this week.
me: Oh I hate that for you. Is she in pain? Is that what the vet said was best?
lady: Well, we havent taken her to a vet, it's just what my friend said.
me: (looking rather perplexed) So how do you know for sure?
lady: Well, my friend said that if you hear her stomach rumbling while she's laying down, that's her liver shutting down.
me: Oh. 
lady: Yeah, so I'm going to take her to the shelter to be put down, it's only $10.00. 

Yeah...I mean.....what can ya say?? It's so hard to argue with stupid. My stomach rumbles all the freakin time, I hope to God Mark doesnt put me down.

In other awful news:
As I was looking (too closely) in the mirror at my bushy, overgrown brows...I spotted it. 

I had already planned to go get my brows waxed today, but I plucked that little sucker out with a quickness. A gray hair. You have GOT to be kidding me.

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