Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WXII - A Bunch of Sexist Pigs.

It's only 8:45 and my button has already been pushed. 
I'm infuriated. 
I noticed this post in my Facebook news feed this morning:

WXII Morning News:
New Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer says she's going to work through her maternity leave. Do you think she'll be able to balance being a mom and being CEO of a major company?

Let me repeat, WXII asked if this woman can be a mom and CEO. 
If the new Yahoo! CEO happened to be a male, would they be asking such a question? I think not.  

Alright, I'm irate. So irate that I contacted WXII to let them know. And I think you should too. 

Our conversation went a little like this:

Me: Hello, am I speaking with the person who updates WXII's Facebook posts?
Man: Yes, I do some but we have about 3 people who post them.
Me: Do you know who posted the one 3 hours ago about the Yahoo! CEO?
Man: Umm,, I don't. Why, is there a problem?
Me: Yes, there is a problem. Do you have a daughter?
Man: Uuuuhh, no.
Me: Alright, well imagine you had a daughter. Would you be teaching her that she couldn't be a mother and a CEO??
Me: Would this question even be asked if it was a male CEO?
Man: You could leave a comment on Facebook...
Me: No, I would like to leave my comment with you. Please think next time before you post an incredibly sexist comment. Whether it's for drumming up Facebook hype or not, it's sexist and despicable. Have a good day. 

Call and ask to speak with the person who is in charge of social media/Facebook posts. Let them know how disgusted you are.  Station Phone Number (336)721-9944


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  1. What I want to know is why she feels like she has to work through her maternity leave? Those first few weeks after having a baby are pretty all over the place. Your hormones are like a literal roller coaster and your insides feel like they are going to fall out every time you stand up! I am so glad you called!