Monday, August 27, 2012

On Sunday, I struck gold.

Everyday, around 3:00pm, I catch a glance of my face in the mirror and work and think,
"oh shit, how long have I looked like this?"
All traces of makeup that I've applied around 7:15 that morning, gone.

On Sunday, after a glorious bacon, onion and emmentaler flatbread (and bloody mary) at Proximity, my mom and I headed over to the new Sephora in search of a foundation that would actually stay on our faces. Novel idea, huh?

We found it!

Tarte Amazonian Clay
Yes, clay, say sumthin. I've never used a foundation brush before, only sponges. I've been converted (and I think I embarrassed my mom because I asked the lady how often you had to clean the brush, ha!) Using the brush, this foundation truly makes your skin look airbrushed. It's good for all skin types, the Amazonian clay will intuitively adjust to address your complexion concerns. It reduces the appearance of my pores and also covers all the red splotchy spots on the sides of my face. The best part, 12 hour coverage.  The price, a little more than I would typically spend, $38.00. BUT, if it's going to last all day and I wont feel like I butt face come 3:00pm...totally worth it!

Oh, one more thing. When you go to Sephora, don't be afraid to ask for a tester to take home. They make up little sample size testers of everything so you can try it for a few days before you buy it.

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