Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yesterday was just not my day. It ended well with wine, best friends and pedicures, but it didn't start that way.

 I had a crazy dream about Mark leaving me for "Melissa" (?) who works (and lives in the basement of) McDonald's. Mark decided he'd rather live in McDonald's so he took all our money and left me. Then the dream got REAL weird when I went to a midget diving contest at the YMCA.

After I woke up, shower, confirmed with Mark that he doesn't know any McDonald's employees, I took the dog for a walk....and walked straight into a gigantic spider web. The kind of spider web that has all sorts of critters trapped in it. Those critters, were now trapped in my hairspray.

After the walk, I tried to comb out said critters and got completely freaked out by the fact that their wings were still flapping. 

 I got to work and was greeted by my boss making some weirdo comment about my high heels. And saluting me. Yes, saluting me. And commenting on how tall I am. If that doesn't make an already self-conscious girl want to dive under her desk, I don't know what will.

So, in short. I was in a foul mood. 
And I was sending out super bad, negative, energy.
But, today will be MUCH better. 
I've already decided.

(To homegirl at my office who cut me off mid sentence...I'm taking a deep breath, counting to ten, not mentally flicking  you off ...and dropping it. Boom.)

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