Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Randomness  

As my boss leaves for a lunch meeting and I call after him "Have fun! Call me if you drink too much!" Muhahaha. 

I received a new office chair today. However, I use the term "new" loosely. The dudes in the office below us all got new chairs and we purchased their oldies. To be fair, it is a really nice chair. I think the thing's worth like $900 new. (Yes, I googled my chair.) The smells like urine and I know exactly who's ass was in it last. I made the office manager smell it because my boss wouldn't. I KNOW she smelled piss but she said it smelled like pasta to her. Whatever, I'm not ungrateful. Lumbar support vs. urine pants. 

I really don't think they appreciate fashion around here.  I'm wearing my new pair of lady loafers (leopard lady loafers, to be exact) and I'm gettin' all sorts of funny looks. Lay off the loafers, people. 

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