Thursday, September 13, 2012

 Please say hello to the newish (unfinished) addition to the Potter household.

 I've been scouring consignment shop after consignment shop and finally found the perfect coffee table. We wanted something small, multifunctional and slightly mod. I cant wait to get my paws on the sander!!!

I'm going to paint the entire table this color:

Then paint a high gloss over the top (because I love shine!) and spray the hardware a super shiny bright silver. I still cant decide if I'm going to outline the little cutouts on the door in silver or not...

(This incredibly boring post was brought to you by lame chick who's overly excited about her 2nd hand finds.)


  1. I would be excited too. Love the coffee table! I know its a little bit of a drive, but if you really love second hand, one of kind stuff, then you should drive over to Hillsborough and check out the Daniel Boone Village. I think it is the oldest antique village in the country.

    Most of the shops are open on Sundays too!

    1. Thanks! Yes!! My mom and I spent hours at the Daniel Boone Village a few months ago, love it. I've actually forgotten about it...might try to drag Mark back there sometime soon!