Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nick Nolte

Please allow me a few moments to rant about something that drives me entirely crazy.
People who constantly point out the obvious. For example:
Oh wow, you wore your hair curly today.
Looks like we have some big trucks in the parking lot.
You're eating a cookie.
You're tall today, you're wearing heels.
The sky is cloudy. 
Lord, please grant me patience to smile and nod.

I've recently stumbled on a new blog. The blogger is out of California. She's tall, skinny, blonde, a model, eats a balance diet, teaches pilates...ya know...everything you really want to hate a girl for.  

Anyways, she did a blog post about her hair...which is long and pretty and very California. She told the readers that she very rarely washes her hair, only uses dry shampoo. She also applies coconut oil to her hair about 2xs a month. And when she does wash it, she hardly ever blows it dry because the heat damages it....

Yeah. Right. 

I would straight up look like Nick Nolte.

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