Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Off Topic Tuesday:

Apparently, when you're married and in your late 20's, it's not acceptable to mimic and mock your husband like a 3 year old during a disagreement.

For the past 7 minutes I've been sitting at my desk trying to take profile pictures of my face to see if my cheeks are getting fatter. Indeed, I'm pretty positive they are. 

My lips have been chapped for the past 3 days. It's getting old.

I made pumpkin muffins last night. They were awesome and super easy. One box yellow cake mix, one can pumpkin puree and some chocolate chips. The end. (I've since eaten 3)

A guy at my work eats straight up angus beef patties for breakfast. When I laughingly questioned his assistant about it, she responded straight faced "it's for protein." No shit, but it's still weird. 

Last night's RHONY season finale was a real let down. And, since I'm on the topic of Bravo tv shows.....Chantal from Gallery Girls reminds me of a malnourished troll with osteoporosis.

I tried to create a big, full, bun on the top of my head this morning. Fail. 

Starbucks. I wish I had enough money to scoop up a Starbucks coffee every morning. I'll have to settle for K Cups at work, bleh. 

It's 9:43 and I forgot my 10am snack at home. I'm getting really anxious. 


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