Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My new TracPhone

I lost/left my iPhone in the back of a church van/taxi while we were in Charleston. See, if only we had hopped into a Yellow Cab or something with some sort of name on it, I would have somewhere to call to retrieve my phone. However, our judgment must have been impaired at 2am as the 6 of us piled into a church van that moonlights as a taxi. I think I can recall scripture on the side of the van, I KNOW there was no meter in the van, and the jam of choice was Kumbaya, which, my husband thought was hysterical and sang along. And Annie says we got ripped off.

So, anyway. Phone is gone.

I get home from Charleston and, being the cheapass I am, I'm now the proud owner of a Walmart TracPhone, $14.99 later. Did you know they keep those things under lock and key at Walmart?! Literally. I had to get a worker to unlock a TracPhone for me.

We take the phone to AT&T, get it hooked up to our family plan and I'm as good as new. Minus the fact that I have a flip phone.

I left the box for my phone in Mark's car. I thought I'd be nice while we were stopped at a gas station and clean out his car a little for him, toss some bottles, a bag and such.

I tossed the bag...with my TracPhone charger. TracPhone is now dead. I'm without a phone again.

Now I'll have to go and buy a charger which I'm sure is the same price as the phone. Awesome.

So, if you want to reach me...its smoke signals or homing pigeons.

say sumthin'!

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