Tuesday, April 17, 2012

That Jillian Michaels scares the baJesus out of me. 30 minutes of her SHRED and her fairy foot tattoo (ew) is more than enough for me. Please note the foot fairy.

I stepped up my pathetic game to level 2. Hard, hard, hard McHardersen. I was sweating my ass off and panting like a wild woman trying to keep up with her. My dog looks at me like I'm possessed. She's no joke. And I'm scared of her. However, I have noticed that she makes the two girls behind her do most of the work while she blabbers on about creating such a great method. AND, those girls sweat like banchees too.

Mark and I hit the town this past Saturday night. Outback Steakhouse and back home to walk the dog by 9pm. You're jealous, really, I know. Seriously though, Outback steak is SO good. It's cooked perfectly, the 6oz potion is just right and that chopped salad is unhealthily delicious! AND, $9.99! Can't beat that with a stick. Mark and I've dropped about $70 on one piece of steak to share at Flemings. $70 smackaroos! Redic. Outback, just as good. We did receive some heart wrenching news while ordering drinks at Outback. They no longer serve Mark's favorite Australian beer, James Boags. I thought he was going to shed a few tears on the bar stool. Outback was the only place in the whole United States of America where you could get it. Well, I might have made that up, but that's the only place we've seen it. Poor guy. It seriously took him a few minutes to get over the shock and horror. 
A moment of silence, please.
On Sunday my mom and I went to the new Hancock fabric store near my house. Now, I'm not supposed to be spending any more money on our house because we owe the Feds a wad-o-cash (f u taxes)...however...I couldn't pass up the super cute fabric on clearance. I recently purchased this gray ruffled duvet cover for our bedroom. Got it, put it on the bed and...I suddenly realize that our walls are gray too. Way.to.go.dumbass. Everything is gray. 
Urban Outfitters Gray Ruffled Duvet - Crappy picture from website

I had been on the search for 2 bedside table lamps forever, but like everything else in the universe, THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE! So, I finally settled on these from Target. I paired them with big white rectangular shades.  

But...still our bedroom is very white/gray. Hence, I can justify the money spent on colorful fabric at Hancock! Check out my finished products. Not bad considering I've never used a sewing machine.
The color is off in this picture. The two bigger pillows are gray (surprise) and coral/orange and the smaller pillow is coral in a coral pattern. Behind the pillows is a yard of burnt orange fabric with a floral pattern.

The pillows look so cute on our bed. And, I actually did do a pretty good job sewing them. I'm trying to convince Mark to let me make his dress pants and underwear now. HA
I'm going to gallery wrap the fabric in the back, tuft it, apply some turquoise buttons, then hang it over the bed as artwork. I know I didn't explain that well, but I'll take a picture of everything once it's done. 3 pillows and a piece of art work, all under $50. Not bad.

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