Thursday, April 26, 2012

Server down!

Our computer network was down in the office yesterday. It was down for about 4.5 out of the 7 hours that I spend sitting, staring at my computer. It wouldn't have been bad at all if it was just Amicus and Worldox (fancy legal programs which you know nothing about) but THE INTERWEBS WERE DOWN TOO!! No facebooking/pintresting/gchatting/online shopping for things I cant afford! Ohh, hells no. To make matters worse, the office manager (who normally handles all of our issues) was out of the office. So it all came down to the server room...and the tech guy on the phone, using geek technical terms with me. And I'm frightened, but I have to do this, homeboy HAS to walk me through this, for facebook's sake!

N.B.D. (no big deal). I got it working. Close call. I'm the Katniss Everdeen of the server room. Boom. 

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