Thursday, May 10, 2012

Camping and Bravo TV

It started on Tuesday around 10:00 am (my morning snack time) after I ate the best mango of my life thus far. It was so sweet and juicy and delicious. It reminded me of our honeymoon in Mexico even though neither of us ate any mango in Mexico.It made me think of summertime, basking in warm rays with a good book, white sandy beaches, men with trays delivering my drink of choice....I want to go on vacation. Bad. 

I want to go to the Caribbean but unfortunately that's out of the question.  I started my Google search of "cheap vacations in North Carolina." Nothing exciting. We've been to the beaches a million times, we go to the mountains at least once a year and Charleston has basically become our vacation go-to for a while now. Key West or Miami would be fun, but this needs to be more of a long weekend trip, and airfare isn't really cheap.

So, I came up with the brilliant idea of camping. Me, Mark, the dog...maybe by a lake or a beach, snuggling up to a fire and drinking some wine, or beer...I think you drink beer when you camp....

I mentioned this to Mark and this is how the conversation went:

Me: Hey babe, I have an idea, we should go camping!

Mark: ::Laugh, Laugh, Laugh:: Just you and I?? ::Laugh, Laugh, Laugh::

Me: Well, maybe the dog too?

Mark: (After more laughing) Camping? That's like asking me to go to Wendover Avenue and hang out with the homeless guys for the day!!

Sooooo, I guess camping is out.
On a completely different and unrelated note, does anyone watch Bethenny Ever After? If so, are you sick of seeing this in every freakin episode?

Chick probably needs to put her booze factory/shapewear line on hold and get a grip on her life. She cries more than any millionaire I know. And, while we're on the topic...she needs to add a little more BOOZE to her BOOZE! Her Skinnygirl Margarita is like drinking Crystal Light. Of course it's "Skinny," any drink would be skinny T-minus the alcohol. If you're reading Frankle, can the tears and give your people more tequila! Also, you'd think if you had that much money, you would take walking lessons. I'm I the only one who thinks she walks like a duck?  That was mean, I know. I'm sorry. But it's true...

One more thing!!! Did anyone else see Gretchen sing onstage with the Pussycat Dolls and feel so sorry for her?? Like, I wanted to close my eyes and pretend it wasn't happening. 

But, on the other hand, she looked so dang good in her little sparkly bustier! I'd take the crappy voice if it meant having that body any day! I also thought it was funny that Alexis said Jim wasn't really enjoying the show and that he just came for moral support. Yeah.flippin.right.

say sumthin'!

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