Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Those three little words...

After I got arrived home from work last night, Mark said those three little words. All it took were those three little words to make my heart start fluttering and my energy instantly double.
Lets. Go. Shopping.

We set off for Tanger Outlets to hit up Banana Republic and J.Crew (making a quick detour at JCP, duh!) I didn't find ANYTHING at JCP, which was a huge disappointment. Mark got a lot of things, a few shirts and a super cute pair of jeans for $14. Yes folks, $14! After JCP we hopped back in the car to Tanger. I had a little more luck at Banana and J.Crew. Still, Mark got more than I did and it's not fair! Jk, sorta.

I'm stoked because I finally found the perfect white denim "pencil leg" pants. And they were on sale for $41 at J.Crew! Hell yes, I'll take um! Mark picked out those shoes and had them on the counter for me when I was ready to checkout. He was pretty much like, "annnd you're getting these too." They were a liiiittttllleee more then what I would normally spend, however, I'm meeting Jamine Star for Pete's sake! Oh, and be warned, I'll probably be wearing these white pants for 90% of our no judging when you see the pics. 

This $18 score of a shirt dress is from Banana. I'm in a bit of a conundrum and would like some advice. Which shoes?? I know its hard to tell from the pic, but the shoe on the left is the Lilly Sail Away Sandal. I could go one of two ways, nautical with the sandals and some long gold necklaces or a funky necklace to match the flats. Helllllpppp!! Leave a comment and let me know. 

 I already had this top...but I couldn't resist showing you. I get so many compliments on it AND it was only $13 from JCP. It's very long in the back and hits back of my knees. It's going to look awesome with the newly purchased pencil pants! 

Back to jewelry...before I forget...

If you haven't heard of On-A-String Bead Shop in Charlotte, consider this proper notification. I haven't actually been to the bead shop itself, but I know girls who own it and have seen Christine's personal collection of wildly divine adornments. Go to the site, go to the store. They will help you make breathtakingly beautiful statement pieces. Their creativity truly amazes me. And, if that's not enough, even Bethenny Frankel sports their baubles! 

I was doing so well yesterday....trying to limit my calories (ie: starvation). Just trying to drop a few before our vacay. I was so on track...then Mark suggested Taco Bell at 1opm. I'm all over those quesadillas. Damnit to hell. 


  1. Both of the shoes look awesome with that dress. If you feel like you need to be a little dressy opt for the gold sandals and gold jewelry. If you can be more casual or if you are around a very trendy crowd opt for the super fun orange flats with blue/green/or orange statement pieces. You are so cute naturally that you'll rock whichever you choose :)

    sorry for the long response, ha.

  2. I like the nautical look too! I like closed toed flats better with pants rather than dresses and skirts. It's summer! Go for the sandals! Plus, I don't know if I like bows with stripes, but I'm a weirdo when it comes to stuff like that! Lol! Have a blast!

  3. Thanks for your comments and help ladies! I always have the hardest time putting things together. I went into a boutique during lunch today and and pretty much made the girls in there dress me!