Thursday, June 21, 2012

This could be the end...

This might be the end for me. 

You know those frosty freezer mugs? The ones that have that mysterious liquid (that I'm really hopping is just water) in the middle so you can stick it in the freezer, it'll freeze and boom....your bev is icy cold...

Exhibit A: Freezer Mug
Well, I drank that foreign substance this morning. 
I made iced coffee in the mug and I guess the heat of the coffee was enough to crack the bottom of the mug. It only cracked the top layer, allowing the liquid to mix with my coffee. Before I knew it, I drank half of that liquid!  The back of my throat feels a little pinchy. Should I be concerned? 
I told a attorney here that if I was dead when he came out from his meeting, it was because of the cup. He told me that this would NOT be considered a workers comp. incident.

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