Friday, August 17, 2012

Bomb Threat Friday

"Hey, call my office and place a bomb threat. Then we can go drink bottomless mimosas outside!" -a anonymous friend

Sounds good in theory...but speaking from experience, they don't let you leave the building during a bomb threat. How do I know this? Oh, well, ya know...we had a good ol' fashion bomb threat this morning.

I'll elaborate. 

I'm sitting at my desk typing away doing really important things that keep this world spinning at a constant rate...I digress. A client that just left the building called from the parking lot.

Client - "I'm outside and I'm not allowed to get in my car or go back into the building      because there is a bomb threat."
Me -      "Umm, what?"
Client - "Yeah, they think there's a bomb in your parking lot in some bag or something."
Me (looking out the windows noticing that we're swarmed by the 5-o) - "Oh man, thanks for calling."

My first question, whyyyyy havent we been informed?! Weird. 
I look out the window and sure enough, some little suitcase with cords sticking out of it is chillin' in the parking lot. The police have blocked off every street to and from our office. The bomb squad RV is unpacking the robot. I'm not gunna heart was racing a little. 

Next thing ya know the little bomb robot comes wheeling down Eugene Court ready to check out the case. (It was around this point where I was getting REALLY frustrated that I don't have a camera phone!)

The robot does a few laps around the case and sorta stops. Good for nothing robot. Next, up is the guy in the bomb suit. 


This dude had so much padding on, he could hardly bend down to the suitcase. (Sidenote: he wasn't wearing any gloves, which truly troubled me.) After inspecting the wires and case it was determined that it wasn't a bomb. They remove the traffic cones, but not before the robot was safely across the street. A oblivious car can down the road and was pretty confused by the robot crossing in front of him. 

Oh, and they just left that suitcase. I might grab it for a souvy! 

So, anyways...back to my point. You dont get to go home during a bomb threat. If anything, my lunch was a little delayed. Womp womp.

Also, good thing its Friday because my trash can smells like something died in it.

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