Friday, March 30, 2012

When you're rich, you're rich.

So my office all pitched in a measly few dollars and we bought about 11 lottery tickets. We aren't going to win. I know, I know, someone has to win...but its not going to be us. We have a 1 in 753,000,000 chance to win. I'm really staring to wish the numbers were called already because its ALL EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT. And I'm bored of it.

Anyways, I'm already rich enough. I treated my mom to lunch at an upscale new restaurant that just opened up in town. Ok, so I didn't technically "treat her" because I got free coupons in the mail. And the coupons were technically addressed to Mark. And the restaurant is technically a gas station. All technicalities though.

Nothing says classy like eating sandwiches in a gas station. But like I said, when you're rich, you're rich.

Mark and I are going to go see Avenue Q on Saturday night and I.AM.SO.STOKED!! For those of you trolls who live under a bridge who don't know what Avenue Q is...

"Clearly both honoring and mocking "Sesame Street," Avenue Q features male roommates not unlike Bert and Ernie; Trekkie Monster, who's interest in porn is akin to Cookie Monster's love of sweets; and phonetics lessons on video screens. Puppeteers successfully share the stage with puppets. Tunes such as "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist" and "Schadenfreude" make the audience laugh, but also communicate poignant messages. Truly a joyful performance."

Seriously so hilarious. The last time I saw this production was 7 years ago in London while studying abroad. I'm fancy, I know. I hope Mark finds it as humorous as I do!


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