Wednesday, April 11, 2012

my one "nice" post

My New Year's Resolution (I'm 4 months late, so sue me) is to start making a conscious effort to feed my "good wolf." I'm a firm believer in waking up and choosing your attitude for the day, life's free accessory! It's so easy to feed into anger and negativity. And jealousy (especially jealousy). So incredibly easy to start digging that hole of "I don't have enough of this" and "we need more money" and "I hate this person because..." Before you know it, your covered by mounds of negativity, buried so deeply you can hardly see a good thing even if it hits you in the face. I'm not Pollyanna, and I'm still going to gossip and wish I had things that I don't, hell, I'm female but I'm going to try hard to take it down a notch. Like my husband ALWAYS says, "If you send positive energy into the world, you'll get positive energy back." It must work. He got me. (jk, sorta) Really though, even if his theory doesn't really work, it feels good to be to nice. It feels good to think nice things about yourself and about other people. When someone at my office makes me want to haul off and knuckle punch'um in the eye...I'll count to 1o...and not run to my office buddy and bitch. (I'll walk into the bathroom and start throwin punches in the air like a helps, really. After about the 6th or 7th air punch you start to laugh at the tard that is you.) Pretty soon you'll start noticing the good things before the bad. I don't know about you buy coming home from a day of joy and peace sounds way better than coming home after a long day of anger and jealousy. 

Maybe I'll tell you about the "Circle of Compliments" one day. Bahaha. No, actually. I wont.

Ok, Potter, let's try to make this last! (Esp. the air punchin part because thats just funny. I cant wait for someone to walk in on me.)

say sumthin'!

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  1. Feed that Good Wolf. Great message. It's true that it's so easy to get wrapped up in the negative and what you don't have. It's so much nicer to just appreciate what you do have and love the life you live.