Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Anniversary Recap - And why Grandover is Terrible

(I started this blog on Monday and never finished it...because I'm lazy. But I've finished it so I can write my next post about something hilarious. Stay tuned.)
I was an hour late to work this morning because Mark (accidentally) decided to take my keys to work with him this morning. Around 12:00, when everyone else wanted to use the office microwave, I blew it up. Excellent.

This weekend, on the other hand, was very excellent. We kicked off our weekend with Sheetz - 3 for $1 hotdogs and frozen yogurt. Keepin' it classy.

On Saturday we celebrated our Anniversary. I woke up to a delicious breakfast and my SURPRISE!! Finally!! We're going to California to a Jasmine Star photography workshop that's limited to 20 people. Shit! I'm nervous and excited and I need to go shopping! He even arranged for us to stay with one of my besties from college! After the workshop, we're going to make our way slowly up the coast and end in San Fransisco where my sister-in-law and her family lives. Once we meet up with them, we plan to explore San Fran and Napa! I could not be more excited for our week long adventure!

After he have me this gift, and I picked my jaw up off the table, we left for a day of rest and relaxation at Grandover. After a day at the spa and in the sun, we showered and left just in time for our reservations to stuff our faces at Flemings. Flemings was good. Not great, just really good. The steak was a little fatty, but so am I so I cant complain. The mac and cheese, lava cake and dirty martinis...supa dupa!! As we were leaving, they surprised us with a box of truffles and a gift card for $25 for next time. SCORE! I smell more mac and cheese in the near future!!

Grandover, on the other hand, we pretty bad. You don't have to read all of this, but I'm going to post a few emails that I exchanged with the general manager. Again, don't read this if its going to make you gouge you're eyes out. Just promise me you wont spend any of your hard earned money at Grandover.

Mr. Katawazi: (the GM)
My husband and I visited your resort this past weekend as it was our first anniversary. We decided to stay in town (we live very close by) and try the spa. From the moment I booked our appointment I was skeptical. The woman I spoke with on the phone was very unfriendly and cold. We arrived at the spa early and I ordered a glass of wine...again, the unfriendly attendants barely smiling as we checked in, almost annoyed that we were interrupting them . My wine never came, the spa attendant had to call for it twice. After the massage, which my husband enjoyed but later complained that his masseuse was, again, very unfriendly, we made our way to the pool for some R&R and lunch. R&R was NOT AT ALL what we received. We were greeted by loud, inappropriate, music blasting. Apparently, a group of gusts at the hotel brought down their stereo system and thought it was perfectly fine to blast their music clear across the pool. They plugged the stereo in near the pool door and sat on the opposite side of the pool. The music was LOUD. "I wanna, lick lick lick lick you.." blasting across the pool deck while kids were in the area, not appropriate or relaxing. I was very surprised that in the 3 hours we sat enduring the noise, no one came to turn it off. I would think either a manager or attendant would check on the pool area at least once in three hours? My husband and I ordered lunch, 2 salads and margaritas. We were told that it would take 15 minutes. After waiting over an hour our lunch finally arrived. We ate, had enough, and left.
I asked to speak with the manager on the way out. The woman at the font desk nearly had to beg the food and beverage manager to come speak with us. We could hear her on the phone to him "I know it's not your shift, but please.." Once he arrived, he heard me out, then told us that on a busy day, it could take up to 45 minutes for salads and that he would check the computers to see how busy they were. Busy or not, even 45 minutes for a pre made salad is outrageous. I also told him he might want to have the music turned off, he told us that this was not his area. Here's the kicker, he asked if we were staying at the resort and we explained that we were just using the spa and having lunch. Then he asked if we live in the area, we told him we did. He asked where. What does that have to do with anything?? We left scratching our heads over his questioning. Are your managers told to barrage dissatisfied customers with questions regarding where they live?
We are very disappointed that this is how we chose to spend our first anniversary. It was not at all what we were expecting.
-Allison Potter

Dear Ms Potter,
First of all thank you very much for choosing the Grandover Spa for celebrating your first anniversary , I must say reading your comments on the Trip advisor was read in a different light by me and as such I ignore it for a very good reason. However since you redirected your observations  by emailing me, I am convinced  that you had the good intention of sharing your experience in order to improve and speed up the service of food and beverages in the Spa therefore we consider you a friend of Grandover and I thank you for sending me this e-mail. I promise you that we shared your e-mail with all concern and the necessary steps have been taken to speed the service to this area despite the distance from kitchen. I also will like to have your home address sent to me so that I can send you an invitation for you and your husband to enjoy our wonderful Sunday brunch. I hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you

Syed H Katawazi
General Manager
 Mr. Katawazi, 
My husband and I frequently use and post to Urban Spoon as well as Trip Advisor as we feel these outlets allow for firsthand, candid, reviews. As a lifestyle blogger and local business co-owner, I can appreciate honest evaluations and think most would concur. It would be very ignorant to ignore any type of legitimate feedback.

I appreciate your reply, unfortunately, you have failed to address the majority of concerns in my email to you.

The lack of hospitality we experienced was despicable. You failed to address this in your reply.

The inappropriate behavior at the pool was also unaddressed.

The questioning from your manager regarding where we live was also left unaddressed. Please explain why this was necessary.

The only concern you did address was the timeliness of the food, "despite the distance from the kitchen." This certainly does not explain why my beverage had to be ordered multiple times since it never arrived. Also, if your kitchen is in a different vicinity, having your wait staff tell customers it will only be a 15 minute wait is very misleading.

Please do not insult me by brushing over my complaints and offering brunch.
-Allison Potter
You like the part where I included, "lifestyle blogger," don't you?! ;) 


  1. Way to go Al! F his brunch, I'm sure it's been sitting there for hours or premade! My fav part is that you are coming to Cali!!! Wahoo!!

  2. YAYYHHH TO CALIFORNIA and double YAYAYA to seeing you!!

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