Thursday, May 17, 2012

Random Ramblings

Happy Thursday!!
This week's been exceptionally long, I'll tell ya why. As I've mentioned, our anniversary is this weekend. Well, Mark has something up his sleeve for me/us and it's DRIVING ME CRAZY because I want to know. He made be swear that I wouldn't look at our bank account, log into Facebook or use our iPad until he reveals the surprise on Saturday. (If anyone sees any clues on FB, please let me know, I'm dyin' here!) No FACEBOOK FOR 3 DAYS! Insane. Actually, I think it's the not checking our bank account every 3 minutes that's killing me. I'm psycho when it comes to online banking. I check our account about 32435457 times a day, on average. And I'm the bank's worst nightmare. If I see a transaction, even if it's for under $5 and I don't remember what it is...I call. I know, I know. 
Anywho...I'm SO excited to find out my surprise (and get back to stalking my account and strangers on FB)!!

Moving on.

I.need.these.!! I forget EVERYTHING! I have the memory of a ninety year old and it's bad. How awesome are these stickys? Write a note, or maybe a grocery list then wear it...ok I know you're laughing but I think its smart. 


 I'm trying to get my paws on some old cameras! We have a really cool vintage looking mirror in our half bath and I think a bunch of old cameras on some weathered  shelves would look cool! Help me find some!

This is probably one of my most favorite pictures of all time. It was taken right after I gave my MOH speech at my bestie's wedding. I'm so thankful for our friendship. (She let us pick our own bridesmaid dresses, I love this sparkly number I wore!)

...Say sumthin'!

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