Thursday, June 21, 2012

5 for $6 'Til 7 - Flemings

I know, Fleming's is a typical steak chain...nothing too exciting. However, you really don't have to twist my arm for drink specials. Fleming's offers a 5 for $6 'Til 7 menu, meaning, 5 cocktails, 5 wines by the glass and 5 appetizers $6.00 each until 7PM. They even include their BURGER on the $6 menu.
Mark and I met my bestie and her husband after work for drinks and dinner. We skipped the cocktails and opted for wine and beer. 

My only complaint, the glass of wine was WAY less than the typical 6oz. After one tiny glass of wine I switched to beer, Shock Top Wheat, which was 2 for $6. 

Normally, when you sit at the bar, they'll give you a bowl of homemade potato chips. I had to ask for them this time...still delicious.  (Make sure you ask if you don't get them!)

Mark and I shared the Wicked Cajun Barbecue Shrimp
I'm not a fan of super spicy food, but these had just the right amount of kick. And that huge hunk of bread chillin' in the middle...yumm.

Chris and Megan shared Sweet Chili Calamari 
The calamari was delicious!! It was breaded VERY lightly and tossed in a sweet chili sauce. They don't skimp on the calamari either, it was a generous portion for $6.

Each couple split a burger and fries
Firstly, I was surprised that for $6 you got your choice of onion rings or fries. We opted for the shoestring fries which were seasoned and exactly how I like 'um, crispy on the outside and potato-y in the middle. We asked for our burger to be cooked medium-well and it came out perfectly cooked. The burger is pure decadence. The buttery bun sandwiches an equally buttery burger with peppered bacon and cheddar cheese. Super, super delish! I wish I hadn't had to share it!

After dinner and a few more drinks and just before we were all too stuffed to waddle out to our cars, we decided on dessert. 

We ordered two Chocolate Lava Cakes

 Truly delectable. Mark and I've ordered this before and he's deemed this "the best dessert he's ever had." The chocolate cake takes 15 minutes to make, but it's worth every second. It's an uber rich chocolate cake with a molten Belgian chocolate center that oozes goodness when you cut it open. The warm cake is served with vanilla ice cream on a pistachio cookie bed. To top it all off, they bring out a bowl of homemade Chantilly cream to plop over the cake. Mark and I were literately fighting to lick the plate. No joke.

I HIGHLY recommend you stop in. Even if you call ahead and pick up the burger on your way home, it's almost as cheap as fast food and billions of times better!


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