Friday, June 22, 2012

Peace out!

Happy Friday to all!! It was so stinkin' hot today, doesn't an ice cold beer sound great?

Before I forget, Mark and I had an AWESOME frozen pizza last night. We went to the grocery store with the intent to buy Lean Cuisines for dinner...but somehow we landed in front of the frozen pizza door. Whoops. 

We decided on Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza because it contains less calories than the others and it was buy one get one free. Delicious! It was ten times better then any delivery pizza place. And, the amount of veggies on the picture on the box is ACTUALLY what's on the pizza. It was REALLY good. (I might try to push for the other pizza tonight!)

We have LOTS to do before leaving for California! Thankfully, Mark's been cleaning and washing clothes while I'm at work. ((I know, I'm lucky!))  I still have to pick up some dry cleaning and find some jewelery for a few outfits. Charming Charlies...lookout! We have to pack (clothes and camera gear), get the pup groomed for his stay at my mom's house AND shoot a weeding on Sunday.

Well, this will be my last post before we get back in July. I hope you miss me.
Oh, before I go...I'll leave you with this little piece of trash...

Who's the young hobo on the left smoking a cig, you ask? Ohh! That's just Mary-Kate Olsen out for a little stroll with her boyfriend and her boyfriend's daughter. 
Wash your hair you nasty elf!


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