Monday, July 9, 2012

Magic Mike = Epic Disappointment

First of all...$9.50. What a freakin' waste of $9.50. Have movies recently jumped in price or what??  

On Friday night I went with a small group of ladies (mini wine bottles in-tow) to see Magic Mike. I wasn't expecting a thrilling blockbuster of epic proportions. From the previews and the trailer, this is what I was expecting:

Hot stripper dude and all of his studly stripper friends. Hot stripper dude meets sexy girl who mistakenly wandered into his strip club. Sexy girl wants to rescue him from his stripper life. He resists as first..."sexy girl, I love you, but I'm stuck in this grueling world of making loads of cash and having women drool over me." Love story develops...he realizes he cant live without her...he leaves stripping behind...they live happily ever after. wasn't like that at all.

Sexy girl's brother (little scraggly dude) is introduced to the stripping world by hot stripper dude. Hot stripper dude has been trying to save his money to leave stripping and open his custom furniture company. (HAHAHA custom furniture, WTF?!?! He has $12K and he has been saving for 6 years! SIX YEARS and you don't have more than $12K!!!!!! That's what I call a lousy stripper....) Sexy girl's brother starts dealing drugs, she gets mad, he doesn't stop, she kicks him out of her apartment, movie ends with her kissing hot stripper dude...

Really. That's it folks.  

Bad. It was REALLY bad. The plot was incredibly weak. The dialogue between the characters was so lame, almost laughable. Was it some good eye candy...sure. But the shirtless gyrating starts to get a little old. I felt like I was in a theater full of women who've never seen shirtless men. Ladies cheering in the need to get out more...or maybe you need to stay in more...;)

Don't spend the $9.50.'s a little taste for me. It's enough. 

(I still don't understand the tie/bow tie combo??)


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